Speak Your Piece, Whether They Listen Or Not

Ask me anything   Mary is my name. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I wholeheartedly and confidently know that God is love. If you haven't accepted Jesus as your savior- you don't know what love is. No man's love could ever compare to the love God has for me. God is also hope. In fact, He is our ONLY hope!
Under God the people rule, not under our president, Washington or Hollywood. And when the government starts to play god and try to tell me I must depend on them to take care of me... well, let's just say I'm not going down without a fight.



    Nutty Nancy Pelosi’s Class Warfare Conspiracies: The Rich Won’t Pay Taxes Because They Want To Be Immortal, GOP Keeps Wages Low To Force People To Pay Bank Fees…


    I think losing the Speaker position has driven this lady over the edge

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Clint Eastwood and his wife Maggie Johnson, October 1, 1959
Quite dreamy.


    Clint Eastwood and his wife Maggie Johnson, October 1, 1959

    Quite dreamy.

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    Father’s Day

    So this is the first Father’s Day in my life NOT being with my Dad. Honestly, when I decided to move to Florida (a good eight hour drive away from NC, where my family lives) I didn’t think I would miss my parents quite this much. I seriously have never felt this before. I was in Wal-Mart picking out a card to send to my dad, and shockingly, the very first card I picked up got me all teary-eyed and sentimental….. freaking weird!

    I’m starting to realize that God did not send me where I am just to go to college, but to have a better understanding and appreciation for both my mother and father.

    Thank the good Lord my pastor at church today didn’t really speak about fathers too much….I would have turned to stinking goo!

    Welp, now I’m off to work… I’m actually glad I’m working this afternoon.. takes my mind off my emotions!

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Bachmann- “President Obama is a one term President” 


    Bachmann- “President Obama is a one term President” 

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    "Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing."
    Optimus Prime
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    "A great deal is said in the Bible about waiting for God. The lesson cannot be too strongly enforced. But there is another phase of this lesson. God often waits for us. We fail many times to receive the blessing He has ready for us, because we do not go forward with Him. While we miss much good through not waiting for God, we also miss much through over-waiting.”

    -Streams In The Desert, L.B. Cowman

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    PerfectClassic: Facebook to Tea Party: NO MORE ORGANIZING! PLEASE READ THIS! →


    In February 2009, Alex Zablocki and I used Facebook to organize the New York City Tea Party, one of the first Tea Party protests in the country. Several thousand people joined our Facebook group, which we used to organize our first Tea Party protest. Hundreds of people showed…
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    "I don’t regret what I did, and would do it again. I’m proud of what I did and I’ll accept any punishment I get, even death, because I did it all for Palestine."

    Amjad Awad, Palestinian teen charged with the brutal murder of the Fogel family in Israel.


    For those that don’t remember, the Fogel family was attacked in their home in the middle of the night back in March. The two young Fogel boys, aged four and eleven, were stabbed, one in the heart, while the family’s 3-month-old baby had its throat slashed. During the attack, the parents were also stabbed while in bed. The father died of knife wounds while the mother was shot.

    But hey! Let’s give these animals their own state and divide Israel in half to do it.  Good plan, B-Rock.  Yeesh.

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    "A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government."
    Thomas Jefferson
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